Monday, December 10, 2007


I was chatting to Brandon about 'Happiness' and we came up with a conclusion.

People are HAPPY!!

Sheep are HAPPY!!

Therefore, PEOPLE are SHEEP!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Life

Well, it has been quite some time since the last time I dropped my last post here. Feel free today... Life in university is far more relaxing than SPM but quite tied up with assignment. Having summer semester now. Only need to attend 3 days of classes a week. So free... but quite bored to stay in the hostel for the whole day. I once got crazy for staying in the hostel for the whole day but now I am quite get used to it. This is what I call life. However, life is not a bed of roses. Need to face friend conflicts and personal problems. Haih... quite glad with my last semester result but not satisfied... glad yet not satisfied??!! what I am talking about?? argh... whatever lah... let bygones be bygones... really out of idea of what to write... I will just stop here =.= friends, bye and see you all in December^^

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The 'Croc' File

Mr. Suresh is back after 2 weeks of diarrhea. Oh the joy!!!! Anyway, it was probably the most interesting class I ever been in for the past 18 years of my life. Not because of the lesson but because of a particular incident. And trust me, it is seriously the lamest, stupidest, whatever-est thing ever!!!
It’s was on the 6th of November, a very very special day!! It was around 12.30pm, 30 minutes more to lunch. Shafqaat asked for permission to go to the bathroom. Within 30 seconds of him walking out the door and walking down the stairs, he rushed back, banged open the door and burst out yelling:
(he tried to emphasized the BIG part with his hands)

For around 10 seconds we sat staring at him blankly at this seemingly hysterical person. I actually thought that he was a rather good actor and did it just because it was my birthday. Then it hit us that he was probably referring to a monitor lizard. And he was.

Here the fun part began. Mr Suresh got up and rushed out with Brandon, Jessica, and Shaf. Me, Leila and Tania remained in the room, still bedazzled with what had happened. Brandon came running up, grabbing his camera. This time, the rest of us followed him out. Here is my account of the situation.

Brandon stood at the doorway, busily trying to get the correct angle to snap a nice photo.
‘Brandon!! Get out of the way!!!’
The lizard was trying to climb up the wall because Brandon was blocking his way out.
Brandon ran towards the stairways.
‘Ok, come on, go out……’
Brandon still hadn’t got a photo yet. Shaf took his camera and started taking pictures. The rest of us were amused.
Back to the classroom. All of us had lost our interest in the essay topics and were busily discussing about the event. Shaf came into the room.

Looking at Mr Suresh,
‘Aku sayang kamu’
Silence. I think all of our jaws dropped.
Jessica… ‘Oh, I wrote that on the board!!!’

Later I asked Shaf why he thought it was a croc. Apparently, he being a Bangla had never seen a monitor lizard before thus thought it was a croc. Quote from Shaf ‘I am sooo scared’….pathetic….

So this is my English Lit class, on my birthday….No wonder Mr Suresh thinks our maturity level is of a 10 year old….

Thursday, September 13, 2007

French Ball?!?!?!

Well, today, I went to French Club as usual. I am the earliest as usual. I sit at the right corner as usual. I say 'bonjour' as usual. So what's so unusual about a usually normal Thursday. Well, today, we played French Ball, also known as tomatoes. Why? I have absolutely no idea. I guess the French teacher just decided to teach us a new game called TOMATOES....This is how the game goes:
1) Get a ball (obviously)
2) Everyone stand in a circle with legs spread out
3) Everyone bends down
4) Ball gets hit here and there on the ground

Objective: Prevent the all from going through your legs

If the ball goes through once, you can only use 1 hand to defend your goal. If the ball goes through twice, you have to turn arond with your butt facing the circle. If the ball goes through trice, you use one hand again. If the ball goes through one more time, YOU'RE OUT!!

So why is the game called tomatoes when it have absolutely no connection to the plant/fruit? Well, I have absolutely no idea. But I just wanna add, that I am pretty good at it. So to any challenger for tomatoes, BRING IT ON!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I hate accounting!!!

Why do I hate it so much? Well, I don't exactly know either. I should be easy for me right? I am good at add math, it should be like a piece of cake but nooooooo....I find it harder then English lit. While I can crap all day long for English Lit, I can't do that for accounts...I just don't get it..Christin said I asked too much questions, I think too much maybe?

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm leaving ...

ok i kno the title has nothing to do wif lammers and losers.....juz wanna tell the other 3 lammers here i leaving on monday...but i promise i willl update tis blog whenever i got time...eventhough not being lame together but wif other lammers too in

juz drop by to say i cant be sure both of you can receive ur burfday prezzie on that day......hmmmm...sorry ah

Glad is oso leaving day before me....luck luck!!!!!

my feeling now......CONFUSED....i dunt wanna leave but miss my frenz there...haih...what should i do =(......anyway only 3 months nia......i think ican survive till then

i will updated my life in concord at my own support....
please visit more update......


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Onion ... onion ... onion ... T.T

ok .... i guess u all might think y must it be onion...but not garlic???coz i mum ordered us to chop ONION not garlic...haih....
mum is planning on making dumplings ... she said if wanna eat must contribute oso sooooo i promise her to help chop the onion...n is MINCED ONION!!!!!
to tell u all the truth tis is my first time slicing onions ... n the basic knowledge i still know...which is u will cry when chopping onions!!!! my little bro,Chris volunteered to help .... i guess he also felt toooo bored at home.....
First, not me but my little bro.....take the chopping board while i went to take 2 pairs of gloves for each of us.....hygiene mah...actually [ scared tat our hands stink] >< ...then is the knife.....
We started peeling the onions' skin be fair n just i peel 2 and Chris 2 also juz tat my one are smaller compared to his....anyway i guess my little Chris wont mind de
before starting ....we prepared our SECRET WEAPONS .....guess wat???? jiang jiang jiang jiang our SWIMMING GOOGLES!!!!! not bad leh the idea n tis sort of clever idea of coz is MINE!!!!!
But dunno wat the heck are we thinking at tat moment...we juz put our googles aside n stated chopping...not knowing tat onions are soooooo u all know...of coz lah...after chopping the very first onion ,both of us started crying liao.....sooo we put on our googles hopimg it would ease a little...but its even worst....the googles stink like onions choice but to take it off lor....
Chris said we go wash our eyes under the running tape...haih at last my little bro co,e up wif a logic ideas......sooooo we wash n Chris said he wanna help me....soooo he used his hand which touch the ONION to help me rub my eyes....WTH...i should 10sss him a lot hoh.......sooo gotta go watch my eyes again....
then get back to our chopping onions the end we succeeded but u can all imagine how would my kitchen look like with minced onions all over the floor...gotta tidy before mum get to kno...we will be FIRED.....gotta say MISSION ACCOMPLISH!!!!! yay.....
heheheheeeeee tis my first cooking to admit its FUN!!!!!